Meet Leslie Montana

Leslie Montana Artist and Creative Diva

Hello, there! I’m Leslie Montana. I'm an artist and I love to create things that are beautiful in every possible way. And, as most artists are, I'm an ambassador between the seen and unseen worlds. Where the ephemeral becomes tangible, or as they say, where the rubber meets the road, is where I excel in my ability is to bring ideas, concepts, and energy into form. "Exquisite Paintings on The Nature of Flowers" is an ongoing body of work which I began in the late 1990's. Bringing beauty into the world through my love of flowers and Nature is its purpose. And while it's all about personal expression, the depth I go to gives my paintings a transpersonal quality that conveys the energy of my experience. This turns out to be a really good thing and has led to my offering "Special Commissions Exclusively For You". Through this service, I tune into your energy for a painting that will support you on your journey in ways that can only come through a work of art over time. Its endless inspiration that drives my desire to create all that I do, and following the making of one-of-a-kind works of art is my passion for excellent design. Practical items for wardrobe and home based on my artwork are a part of my retail offerings. Note cards and reproductions of my paintings are another. Please feel free to contact me with your questions and be sure to subscribe MUSE NEWS to MUSE NEWS for news, special offers, and inspiration. WWW.LESLIEMONTANA.COM

Green Alchemista Collection Fashion Designer

It happened... I fell even more in love with the Infinite and was inspired to design a very special line of textiles. Creation. It's how I dialogue with the universe and ground my experience into 3D reality. It's how I celebrate life and tune my frequency to the light. It's also how I provide a beautiful bridge for others to do the same. For this project, my guiding principals were innovation and fashion consciousness, emphasis on consciousness. And what brings it all together is our built-in common core, the universal language of fluid geometry. The Leslie Montana Green Alchemista Collection is a culmination of efforts that have been years in the making. Fibonacci, Fractal, and Flower inspired, my designs and products help call the mind back to center. A place of true power and stillness, also known as empowerment. It's the only place we really need to be. And that’s why I call the Leslie Montana Green Alchemista Collection: Modern Talismans for the Mind™. When looking at them isn’t enough wrap-up in your favorites because your #FrequencyMatters. WWW.GREENALCHEMISTA.COM

Dreaming Deva Formulator and Chemist

I’ve always been in touch with the fairies (yes, they are real) and when my skin became dry while living through several of Vermont’s coldest winters they told me just what to do about it. Dreaming Deva’s skin care line began to take shape along with a bunch of other cool things. The wisdom of Mother Nature came through as Nature’s Teachings when I opened to channel their messages and translate them into words and pictures. You'll find brief and poignant universal teachings that are accompanied by beautiful visuals in my collections of prints, note cards and other products on this website. Deva's are fairies and they help Dream the world into being with us. WWW.DREAMINGDEVA.COM